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How long does it take to transfer Axis Edge Reward Points?

This article provides a comprehensive guide on transferring Axis Bank reward points, including the transfer process, transfer partner options, and timelines. It also covers important factors to consider before transferring points, such as point conversion rates and associated fees. The article concludes with a review of the best credit cards for earning rewards, including the Axis Magnus, Reserve, and Atlas cards.

⚠️Note: Axis Bank is experiencing noticeable delays in crediting points and miles to partner programs post the devaluation announcement. The below timelines may no longer be accurate, we advise you to exercise caution.

Axis Bank has recently launched its new rewards programs that completely transformed the airmile and credit card game in India. These programs offer greater flexibility, better rewards, and a seamless experience for customers. Axis Bank has become a popular choice for customers who want to earn rewards on their credit card spend or travel-related expenses. Their Edge Rewards or Edge Miles miles are all the rage currently, highly popular for their transfer ratios and earning potential on multiple Axis Bank credit cards.

We’ll cover the basics of transferring points, including how to initiate a transfer, the transfer timeline, and how to check the status of your transfer. We’ll also discuss some of the important factors to consider before transferring your Axis Bank points, such as transfer partner options, point conversion rates, and any fees associated with the transfer.

Whether you’re a seasoned rewards program user or new to the game, understanding how long it takes to transfer Axis Bank points can help you make the most of your rewards. So, let’s dive in!

Transfer Partners – Best Option to Redeem Edge Rewards

Axis Bank has partnered with 14 airline and 5 hotel partners as on May 2023 as transfer options for their edge rewards.

Transferring your points to these transfer partners is the best option to redeem your edge rewards or edge miles as it provides one of the best reward ratios. The other options (voucher redemption and travel redemption) provide a value of 0.2 Rs per point.

How long does it take to transfer Axis Bank points?

We at PointsDojo transferred our Axis Edge Reward points to EVERY transfer partner available on Axis for science and research, so you don’t have to.

Keep in mind that these timelines are accurate as of publishing this article and per our personal experience. If you experience something different, do leave a comment down below and we will update the post with the relevant details to keep the data as accurate as possible.

Transfer PartnerTime TakenTransfer Ratio for Magnus*, Reserve**Transfer Ratio for Burgundy PrivateTransfer Ratio for Axis Atlas
Air Asia5 days5:25:41:2
Air Canada Aeroplan1 day5:25:41:2
Flying BlueInstant5:25:41:2
Club Vistara2 – 3 days5:25:41:2
Ethiopian Shebamiles1 – 2 days5:25:41:2
Etihad GuestInstant5:25:41:2
JAL Mileage Bank7 – 10 days5:25:41:2
Krisflyer1 – 3 days5:25:41:2
Qatar Privilege Club1 -2 days5:25:41:2
Qantas Frequent FlyerInstant5:25:41:2
Spice Club4 – 5 days5:25:41:2
Thai Royal Orchid PlusInstant5:25:41:2
Turkish Miles&Smiles1 – 2 days5:25:41:2
Accor Live LimitlessEvery alternate night between 9 – 10 PM5:25:41:2
United MileagePlus1 day5:25:41:2
Club ITC1 – 2 weeks5:25:41:2
IHG One RewardsInstant5:25:41:2
Marriott BonvoyInstant5:25:42:1
Wyndham RewardsInstant5:25:41:2
Starting 1st Sept 2023
*5 Edge Reward Points = 4 ALL Reward Points only if Burgundy Status is maintained. (Limited Period Offering)
**5 Edge Reward Points = 4 ALL Reward Points only if Burgundy Private Status is maintained.

Please note that on Axis Atlas the transfer ratio to Marriott Bonvoy is different than others. Additionally, if you are trying to transfer points to JAL Mileage Bank and book a flight, note that your JAL Mileage Bank account must be at least 60 days old before you can do so.

How to transfer points from Axis Bank to its partners?

To transfer Edge Rewards or Edge Miles, log in to the Axis Bank Travel Edge Portal using your net banking credentials.

💡 If you do not have a bank account with Axis and do not have a Customer ID then send a text message CUSTIDCC xxxx ( last 4 digits of your card) to 56161600. You will receive customer ID by SMS.  Then visit the Axis Net Banking Portal. Click on First time user and set password. 

If everything goes as it is supposed to then you'll be able to create password. If it doesn't then you will have to write to email Axis Bank at and/or send a Twitter DM to AxisBank.

Once you logged in, click on Points/Miles Transfer.

On the next page, you will be asked to select a transfer partner. It doesn’t matter which one you choose for the final step of the transfer. After selecting, you will be redirected to another page with two buttons: Link Member and Points/Miles Transfer.

If you haven’t linked your account and want to transfer right away, we suggest clicking on Points/Miles Transfer. This way, you will only need to enter one OTP instead of two. However, if you just want to link for future transfers, then click on Link Member.

If you click on “Points/Miles Transfer,” you will be taken to a screen where you can transfer your points. If you have both Edge Rewards and Edge Miles, you will be able to select between them. After selecting a partner, choose a member ID. If you have already linked a member ID, select it. Otherwise, click on “Add New Member ID.”

If you have selected to add a new member, further options will appear to add your membership ID to that program. Enter the required details. Please ensure that the first and last names you provide match the name you used for the partner program.

After submitting the required information, you will be asked to submit an OTP. If everything goes correctly, you will be taken to a successful page showing how long it will take to transfer points. You will also receive an SMS and email confirming your transfer.

Pointers to Note

Although we have understood how long it takes to transfer axis points and how to transfer them, there are some things that should be considered while making these transfers:

Fee involved: No fee involved for transferring points

The minimum amount for transfer: 300 for Edge Points, 500 for Edge Miles

Can it be transferred to someone else’s account?: No, it can only be transferred to card holder’s account. Any difference in the name might cause a delay or the transfer to fail completely. Please ensure that the name on the loyalty program exactly matches that in the records with the bank.

Can I reverse a transfer?: No, all transfers are final and cannot be reversed

We recommend holding your award bookings by calling the transfer partner so that you don’t end up losing the booking at the time the transfer is done. Certain partners like Singapore Krisflyer and others allow you to hold an award booking while you transfer the required points over.

Any disputes related to miles/points transfer can be raised on customer support: – 022 6855 4000

Which are the best Axis Bank Cards to earn Edge Rewards or Edge Miles?

While there are multiple cards that earn Edge Rewards or Edge Miles, we will be covering the 3 most important ones below.

Axis Magnus Credit Card

This credit card currently offers some of the best returns in the points and miles game. With 12 Edge Rewards per ₹ 200 spent and a transfer ratio of 5:2, you can earn about 4.8 partner miles for every ₹ 200 spent. Additionally, you earn 35 Edge Rewards per ₹ 200 on spends over and above ₹ 1.5L a month.

In addition, if you spend ₹1L in a calendar month, you will receive a milestone reward of 25000 Edge Reward points, which is equivalent to 20000 partner miles. This offer has been discontinued effective 1st September 2023.

Miles Reward Rate

Without Burgundy Banking Relationship
2.4% for up to ₹1.5L spent, 7% for every ₹ above ₹1.5L.

With Burgundy Banking Relationship [Limited Period Offering]

4.8% for for up to ₹1.5L spent, 14% for every ₹ above ₹1.5L.

The above calculation does not take into account any accelerated rewards.

Axis Bank Reserve Credit Card

One of the best High Net Worth Individual (HNI) credit cards in the market, especially if you have high foreign exchange (forex) spending. It gives you 15 edge rewards per ₹200 spent, with a transfer ratio of 5:4 for Burgundy Private clients and 5:2 for the rest.

Miles Reward Rate:

Without Burgundy Private Banking Relationship
4.5% (7,500 points for ₹1L spend, 3,750 points for 50% forex spends – converted at 5:2 ratio)

With Burgundy Banking Relationship

9% (7,500 points for ₹1L spend, 3,750 points for 50% forex spends – converted at 5:4 ratio)

Axis Bank Atlas Credit Card

This card is designed specifically for travellers and offers rewards in the form of Edge Miles.

With tiered benefits, it’s difficult to calculate a single miles reward rate. However, let’s consider an example where we spend ₹100,000 a month, with 50% of that spent on airlines and hotels. The rewards rates for the gold tier are as follows:

Miles Reward Rate: 9% (1000 miles for regular 50K spends, 2500 miles for airlines & hotel ₹50K Spends + 1000 miles welcome/milestone benefit at a monthly level — converted at 1:2 ratio)

On regular spending, you can earn 2 Edge Miles per ₹ 100. For airline and hotel expenses, you can earn 5 miles. Additionally, you’ll receive a welcome/milestone benefit of 1000 miles per month, converted at a 1:2 ratio.

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In conclusion, transferring Axis Edge Reward points is a simple and straightforward process that can be accomplished easily through their website. While the transfer time can vary depending on the partner, it is generally a quick process that can be completed within a few days. When transferring your points, it is important to consider the transfer partner options, point conversion rates, and any associated fees to ensure you are getting the most value out of your rewards.

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